• Fresh Seafood | Fitchburg, MA | S.S. Lobster Ltd. | 978-342-6135

    Only the freshest catches

    Stop in daily for fresh menu options ready to consume or buy the seafood you are looking for and make a meal at home.

ASeafood Restaurant  | Fitchburg, MA | S.S. Lobster Ltd. | 978-342-6135

Affordable menu options year round

No matter what time of year you stop in, items off of our restaurant's menu are sure to delight you, for a great price. Our inexpensive, yet delicious and always fresh seafood will satisfy your every expectation every time you dine with us.

Find something for everyone to love

If you are looking to cook for guests and want to create something that will make a truly memorable meal, choose from our wide variety of seafood. Find lobster, swordfish, clams, shrimp, a variety of seasonal fish, and much more daily.


Seafood Restaurant  | Fitchburg, MA | S.S. Lobster Ltd. | 978-342-6135

Become known for great seafood

If you are looking for a way to blow your restaurant's customers away, then choose the freshest seafood in town for the most inexpensive price. Have your establishment's guests ranting and raving over the delicious seafood and coming back for more.

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